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LARD: the book

Posted 3/23/2012 10:27am by Dot Parker Jordan.

I love this cook book!  The editors at GRIT magazine have combed through their data base of 130 years of reader submitted recipes to create a cookbook dedicated to one of my favorite Red Wattle Hog products: Lard.

 Finally lard has been returned to its rightful place in the kitchen. As RW breeders, one of the great products we offer our customers is pure RW lard. I’ve been cooking with it for years and love what our all natural pasture raised RW lard brings to my cooking. For most people, lard is something their grandma used to cook with. But lard is making a comeback and for good reason. According to LARD, quality lard has about 40% saturated fats and 45 percent monounsaturated fats. It has less saturated fat then butter.  Who knew?

The book advises readers: “Most of the lard available at the grocery store is a by-product of ‘ the other white meat’ …it undergoes such processing, including deodorizing and bleaching that it barely resembles the real thing- and is far from healthy. But thanks to heritage hog breeders and other committed members of the culinary community, high-quality unadulterated lard can still be found.” What a great endorsement for heritage hogs!

LARD even includes a simple tutorial on rendering your own lard for those who can’t find rendered lard or those who simply want to render their own. And it is truly simple to render lard.

It was fun to read through the recipes, many of which I have been using as long as I can remember. Like the recipe for “Sky High Biscuits” we call them “Angel Biscuits” but the recipe is the same. “Mashed Potato Donuts” are still my kids’ favorite donuts hands down. Of course there are several pie recipes; after all, tender flaky pie crust depends on quality lard. And for those of you that have never eaten Southern fried chicken for Sunday supper, go to page 89. You won’t be sorry.

Oh and be sure to try the recipe for Pork Pie. It is filled with roast pork, lots of vegies and gravy. Who doesn't like gravy? Hearty, delicious and satisfying hot or cold.

They even included the “Plain Cake Mix” recipe my grandma used to make up in bulk and store in the fridge for quick cake baking. It is super easy to put together. It was Grandma’s version of “convenience” food.

In addition to the recipes, the book is sprinkled with stories from folks who remember lard fondly as a pantry staple. I enjoyed reading these as much as trying the recipes.


**You can order the book from the website: www.lardcookbook.com or anywhere cookbooks are sold.





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