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Posted 4/13/2012 10:17am by Dot Parker Jordan.

This week Lydia and I transplanted all of the brassicas from the greenhouse to the little garden. That's 108 broccoli plants, about 80 Romanesco broccoli, 60 or so Brussels sprouts and 12 cabbages. That's right just 12 cabbages. How much spring cabbage can you really eat? We've always grown too much in the past so we are trying not to get carried away. The broccoli on the other hand was scaling the volume up so we would have plenty to put in the freezer.

As usual the weather didn't exactly cooperate with our planting schedule. We had freeze warnings a couple of nights this week and the weatherman wasn't kidding. After watering in the plants we covered each row with spunbounded row cover to protect our babies from the cold. Unfortunately, I forgot about the little B. sprouts I'd planted last week before. I have some very unhappy little spouts with frost bitten leaves right now, but I think they will forgive me and come out of it. 

It was nice out on Thursday so we brought Henry out to the garden with us. He didn' want to play in his jumper seat so Lydia put him on a blanket just on the edge so he could sit with his toes in the grass. He loved it!

Then Paige decided she wanted to play on the blanket too. While the two of them were playing Lyd's and I built up another raised bed in the new garden. My legs and arms are killing me!! We put in more peas, beets, romaine, and onions.  Now if the weatherman is right and it rains this week we should be good.


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